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Production Timeline

2013 - The Ice Factory at The New Ohio (Workshop)

2013 - Prelude Festival (Workshop)

2014 - HERE Arts Center (Workshop)

2014 - The New Ohio (World Premiere)

2015 - The Tank's Flint & Tinder Series (Limited Run)


That Poor Dream received funding from a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant, Brooklyn Arts Council, ART/NY, and The Puffin Foundation.

Creative Team

Directed by Jess Chayes

Text by The Ensemble, Stephen Aubrey, Nic Benacerraf, Jess Chayes, & Eric John Meyer 

Production Design by Nic Benacerraf

Dramaturgy by Stephen Aubrey

Sound Design by Asa Wember & Ben Truppin-Brown

Video Design by Ray Sun Ruey-Horng

Lighting Design by Derek Wright

Costume Design by Kate Fry

Stage Manager Abbey Bay


Cast: Edward Bauer (Pip), Ben Beckley (Drummle),

T. Ray Campbell (Havisham), Jocelyn Kuritsky (Estella), Moti Margolin (Joe), Emily Louise Perkins (Jaggers), Terrell Wheeler (Magwitch),

with Drew Hildebrand (Drummle at The Tank), and Ayesha Jordan (Estella at The Ice Factory)


Assistant Director Lila Rachel Becker

Assistant Stage Manager Lily Haje

Assistant Set Designers Emmie Finckel & Theresa Pierce

Props Design by Emmie Finckel

Assistant Sound Designer Alex Dietz-Kest

Associate Costume Designer Alexandria Hoffman

Build Crew Brad BurgessMarisol Rosa-ShapiroStephanie JohnstoneStephen BennettEmily CafferyLianne ArnoldNathan ShreeveNicole OrabonaSeth Hamlin

Electricians Lauren Bremen Serena Wong

Rehearsal Stage Manager & Graphic Designer Scott Melamed
Producer Alyssa Simmons

Associate Producer at The Tank Emily Caffery

Consulting Producer Dorit Avganim

Press Representative Emily Owens PR

A moving mosaic of what it means to be endowed with Great Expectations.


Set on a train traveling from New York City to Fairfield, CT, That Poor Dream unites worlds divided by geography, privilege, and time. Inspired by Charles Dickens’ classic novel about coming of age in a profoundly class-conscious society, the play draws on the company’s own complex relationship to class identity and economic disparity in American society to explore how class both defines and divides us, and how our shared humanity might bring us closer together.

"This bold and brave piece sets the spark for an introspective revolution....Let me tell you folks: Shit. Got. Real."

– Alaine Feehan, Theatre Is Easy


"The Assembly set out to explore Americans’ complex relationship to economic opportunity, the expectations we internalize as part of the myth of the American dream. Given that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about these things for days, I’d say they succeeded."

Nathaniel French, Culturebot


"A gorgeous production... This is a sophisticated and brave show from a young, talented and ambitious company, both of which are worth watching."

– Julia Lee Barclay-Morton, New York Theater Now


Click below for a complete list of the sources that went into creating That Poor Dream


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