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Production Timeline

2008 - The Flea Theater (Workshop)

2009 - Philadelphia Fringe Festival

2009 - UNDER St. Marks

2019 - So-fi Festival at Westbeth

2020 - Torn Page

Developed in association with ‘Pataphysics (Flea Theater), Backyart, Horse Trade Theater Group, and Sticky at The Bowery Poetry Club. 

A barely-multimedia presentation  part lecture/slideshow, part happening  about natural disasters, large and small.


Intrepid weatherman Franklin Elijah White is traveling across the country on an increasingly quixotic journey, aided only by a slide projector and whatever visual aids he can find in the backseat of his car. Battered by personal tragedy and heavy winds, he’s taking shelter here for the night, and he comes bearing a simple but devastating message: the weather is going to kill us all. Every single one of us.




The Dark Heart of a delight, featuring a tour de force performance by the fine indie theater actor Richard Lovejoy....Aubrey's script is tight and smart and insightful and often hilarious, and Jess Chayes's deft direction serves it well." 

Martin Denton,


“Chayes’s direction of Meteorology is astute, nimbly intertwining life lessons with levity. With such talent onboard, there do not appear to be many storms that this company cannot weather.
Doug Strassler, Show Business Weekly

Creative Team

Created by Stephen AubreyJess Chayes & Richard Lovejoy
Directed by Jess Chayes
Text by Stephen Aubrey
Scenic Design by Nic Benacerraf
Lighting Design by Stacey Boggs
Video Design by Alex Koch & Daniel Brodie
Video Design at the So-fi Festival by
Simon Harding

Sound Design by Asa Wember
Dramaturgy by Edward BauerBen Beckley & Nic Benacerraf
Stage Manager Devin Fletcher

Stage Manager at UNDER St. Marks Rachel Silverman
Co-Produced at UNDER St. Marks by Horse Trade Theater Group


Cast: Richard Lovejoy (Franklin Elijah White)

with Audrey Crabtree (Sarah), Devin Fletcher (Sarah at So-fi Festival), and Paige Blansfield (Sarah at Torn Page)



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