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A theatrical chamber piece about hope, grief, and genius in the midst of a rapidly modernizing world.


Beginning inside the Spirit of St. Louis midway through its trans-Atlantic journey, What I Took in My Hand follows Charles A. Lindbergh through the death of his son, his manic attempts to build a machine to cheat death, and his eventual reconciliation with mortality as he literally digs his own grave.

Production Timeline

2008 - The Ontological-Hysteric Theater Short Form

2008 - The Brick Theater

Creative Team

Directed by Jess Chayes

Text by Stephen Aubrey
Lighting Design by Rachel Gilmore
Original Music by Scott Elmegreen
Costume Design & Scenic Design by Erin Smith
Projection Design by Michael Baltus
Associate Producer Katey Rich


Cast: Andy HooverMike JamesElisa Matula, Meredith Steinberg, and Anna Moench (at The Ontological-Hysteric Theater)


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