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The Assembly is committed to providing a safe, professional environment free of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, and sexual misconduct. We recognize that for real collaboration to occur, we need to foster an environment of trust. We embrace, affirm and respect the unique identities of each of our collaborators and commit to creating a safe space to make work.

The Assembly acknowledges that as a predominately white, straight, and cisgender company, we have benefited from entrenched white supremacy and bias in our industry. We will have blind spots, and we agree as a community to struggle against racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, transphobia, ableism, classism, misogyny, shame, brutality, colonization and all other harmful and toxic behavior.

We ask everyone working with The Assembly or participating in Assembly events to abide by these community agreements:

  • Call people what they wish to be called (names and pronouns)

  • Acknowledge the impact of your words and actions

  • Respect physical and emotional boundaries and consent

  • Take space/make space in meetings, gatherings, and in the rehearsal room, so that all collaborators have equitable opportunities to participate

While we value disagreement as a fundamental part of a collaborative process, we do not tolerate abuse. All forms of harassment, sexual misconduct and discrimination are prohibited, including that which is based on race, color, creed, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, level of ability, political persuasion, belief, family status, marital status, medical or genetic condition, or gender identity and/or expression.

It is a priority of The Assembly to address events, behaviors, or conditions that are not aligned with our community standards, in order to remedy and prevent future harm, to mediate conflict when appropriate, and to work with anyone who doesn’t understand our expectations.

Any member of the community who experiences, witnesses, or is aware of violations of these standards is encouraged to raise their concern with The Assembly. You may report the issue to any of the following people with whom you feel most comfortable: The Assembly’s two Producers, Meredith Lucio and Emily Caffery; three artistic directors, Jess Chayes, Stephen Aubrey, and Ben Beckley; or to stage management or production management when applicable. Anyone who comes forward will not face retaliation, including in future hiring or casting decisions, and such concerns will be addressed confidentially when possible. When appropriate, The Assembly may engage an outside mediator or investigator to ensure a safe working environment.

Once a production or event has concluded, any member of the process is invited to provide confidential feedback about their experience to any member of the company.

This community agreement is a living document and may be periodically updated.

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